• Sep 08, 2015
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Cabinetry Trends for Kitchen & Bath

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Two very functional spaces in your home – the kitchen and bathroom – have an element your other rooms probably don’t. That’s right, cabinets!

Cabinets come in all shapes and sizes and they have the challenging role of combining beauty and function in some of your most used spaces. Trends for 2015 cabinets are looking bright and organized!

kitchen cabinet ideas


kitchen cabinet ideas

2015’s cabinets are packed with features to make your daily chores easier. Pull-out and pull-down shelves make even the back of the cabinets accessible. And clever accessories like a tablet holder that drops down from the bottom the cabinet to hold you digital recipe book are making your fast-paced life easier.

Double Duty

kitchen cabinet ideas

Cabinet makers are pulling out all the stops to find more storage space for all your kitchen and bathroom supplies. Slide out shelves that tuck discretely behind a sleek mirror take the clutter off your


Opening Up

kitchen cabinet ideas

For those accessories you don’t want to hide, new open shelving options make showcasing your favorite dishes, pretty vases or even your favorite bath products easy and convenient. Our tip for open shelving – keep it simple. Stick to one set of similar dishes or accessories in the same color family.

See more photos and trends provided by MasterBrand Cabinets

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